Reference Policy release

A new release of the SELinux Reference Policy is now available on SourceForge from The primary activity for this release has been renaming interfaces to improve the naming consistency, in an effort to stabilize the API.

Again, for those that are interesting in contributing, right now the
best help would be to either test the policy or convert remaining
modules from the example policy over to Reference Policy; there is a
list of modules on the Reference Policy status page on SourceForge.

* Tue Mar 07 2006 Chris PeBenito – 20060307
- Make all interface parameters required.
- Move boot_t, system_map_t, and modules_object_t to files module,
and move bootloader to admin layer.
- Add semanage policy for semodule from Dan Walsh.
- Remove allow_execmem from targeted policy domain_base_type().
- Add users_extra and seusers support.
- Postfix fixes from Serge Hallyn.
- Run python and shell directly to interpret scripts so policy
sources need not be executable.
- Add desc tag XML to booleans and tunables, and add summary
to param XML tag, to make future translations possible.
- Remove unused lvm_vg_t.
- Many interface renames to improve naming consistency.
- Merge xdm into xserver.
- Remove kernel module reversed interfaces.
- Add filename attribute to module XML tag and lineno attribute to
interface XML tag.
- Changed QUIET build option to a yes or no option.
- Add a Makefile used for compiling loadable modules in a
user’s development environment, building against policy headers.
- Add Make target for installing policy headers.
- Separate per-userdomain template expansion from the userdomain
module and add infrastructure to expand templates in the modules
that own the template.
- Enable secadm only for MLS policies.
- Remove role change rules in su and sudo since this functionality has been
removed from these programs.
- Add ctags Make target from Thomas Bleher.
- Collapse commands with grep piped to sed into one sed command.
- Fix type_change bug in term_user_pty().
- Move ice_tmp_t from miscfiles to xserver.
- Login fixes from Serge Hallyn.
- Move xserver_log_t from xdm to xserver.
- Add lpr per-userdomain policy to lpd.
- Miscellaneous fixes from Dan Walsh.
- Change initrc_var_run_t interface noun from script_pid to utmp,
for greater clarity.
- Added modules:
mono (Dan Walsh)
wine (Dan Walsh)

- Chris PeBenito

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